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Ataribox pre-orders open this week while console details remain a mystery


Normally if you are buying a console or even pre-ordering one for that matter, you would do extensive research on the device and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before putting your money on it. Well, Atari is opening up pre-orders for its upcoming legacy console even though we have no idea what it is going to do, how powerful it is, and what games we can play on it. Yes, even though we have known about the Ataribox for some time now the details surrounding the console’s system model are shrouded in mystery.

If you are confident that your money will be going to a good piece of hardware then you can take the gamble as pre-orders are opening on 14 December 2017. This is according to a very short mail sent to us announcing that the console will be up for pre-order but also very limited in quantity. The console will start at $250 and according to Atari, these pre-orders are aimed at the device’s “earliest supporters” as they will get some sort of discount on the console over on Indiegogo when the pre-orders go live.

I am not sure if the console will release globally at all right now as details are scarce, shocking, I know. Atari has been very quiet about the console in general with no word on specs, games, controllers, and the overall support for it. They are just hoping that a few hundred thousand people are willing to throw $250 at a console they know nothing about. While I can see this happening, I hope we learn more about it as it is releasing in “early 2018” according to Atari. Perhaps more details on the console will be released on Thursday when pre-orders open.

Up to now, we know that the console will be a gaming device as well as a streaming and entertainment device too. It will pack an AMD graphics chip and play the latest games as well as old retro Atari games too. Other than that we know nothing else. I am intrigued to see just how the console’s release gets handled and where it will fit into the current gaming world.