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The Epic Mega Sale Has Kicked Off – Weekly South African Gaming Deals Roundup

South African Gaming Deals

So we haven’t put together a weekly South African gaming deals roundup in a while but we are going to get back into the habit. Every Friday morning, you will be able to catch up on all the best gaming sales across SA and beyond over PS4, Xbox One, PC Switch (although limited this week). …

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Games of Thrones Xbox Related Announcement Teased – Targaryen Sigil Revealed

Games of Thrones Xbox

What could just be another limited edition Xbox One console could be something completely different. Xbox is teasing a Game of Thrones announcement on Twitter and it has everyone asking questions. What could the Games of Thrones Xbox announcement be? The console giant posted a tweet with the words “And now your wait begins. Stay …

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Awesome May 2019 Games Coming Your Way

May 2019 Games

May might be the start of the annual gaming drought but that does not mean there is nothing new to play. May 2019 games have a few jewels hidden away if you go looking for them including some highly-anticipated titles such as Warhammer: Chaosbane, A Plague Tale: Innocence as well as the awesome-looking Rage 2. …

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All the Awesome April 2019 Games Coming Your Way

April 2019 Games

April is a jam-packed month for gaming. While we are slowly dipping into the gaming drought, April will bring with it a load of new games like the awesome Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone, World War Z and much more. If you are looking for something to play then April could have something up its …

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Games With Gold March 2019 Lineup Revealed

Games wigh Gold March 2019


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Xbox Live Gold subscribers had a decent month with February’s free games, which included Super Bomberman R, Assassin’s Creed Rogue and more. Xbox One owners can look forward to four free games (two out of the Xbox 360 era) in the Games with Gold March 2019 lineup. Related: PlayStation Plus March 2019 Free Games Lineup …

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Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Reportedly Codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart

Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

According to reports, Microsoft is working on not one but two new gaming consoles to debut in Holiday 2020. The two consoles are called “Anaconda” and “Lockhart”. ‘ Related: The Top Geeky Christmas Movies Perfect For The Holidays Windows Central reports that Microsoft is prepping two next-gen consoles, one of them being more affordable and possibly …

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Battlefield V Xbox One File Size Revealed

Battlefield V Xbox One file size

According to the Microsoft Store, the Battlefield V Xbox One file size is approximately 31.89 GB. While that might look smaller than expected, you have to remember that it doesn’t include any DLC’s or patches. We saw with the Red Dead Redemption Xbox One file size that the Microsoft store listed it as under 90GB, …

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Red Dead Redemption 2 File Size Under 100GB For Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 File Size

Red Dead Redemption 2 releases on October 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it is without a doubt, one of this year’s most anticipated titles. It promises to be not only one of the most beautiful adventures ever created for the electronic playground but also one of the biggest. With the limited …

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Your South African Game Price List for October’s Top Releases

South African Price List

October sees over 40 video game releases across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The question isn’t if you’ll play a new game release this month, but which games to purchase and which to skip. For many, the deciding factor is how much money they have to spend on gaming; so to …

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