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Sony CEO Jim Ryan Details Next-Gen PS5 Release Plans and More

PS5 release

We know a lot about the upcoming PS5 console considering how little Sony has revealed to us. We know it will include a powerful SSD, raytracing support and much more but at the same time we know very little about it too. Sony revealed some useful information about the PS5 release plans which gives us …

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Everybody’s Golf VR Review

Everybody's Golf VR

Everybody’s Golf is my favourite past time when it comes to sports games on consoles. I have been a fan of the series for years now beginning way back on the PSP version and following the growth and changes right up to the PS4 release. Everybody’s Golf VR is not your average entry in the …

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PlayStation Team Was Largely Left out of the Sony and Microsoft Partnership Talks

PlayStation team


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Wessel is Glitched Africa's Resident Afrikaans Guy (RAG) with a passion for all things esports, cats and gaming in general. Dota 2 addict, Dark Souls veteran and all around geek.

Late last week, it was revealed that Sony and Microsoft are partnering for a game streaming service and honestly, this partnership took me by surprise a bit. It seems that I wasn’t alone as the PlayStation team themselves was reportedly largely left out of the negotiations. RELATED: Sony and Microsoft are Partnering on a Game …

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Sony’s God of War Documentary, “Raising Kratos” is Something You Need to Watch

Raising Kratos

Have two hours to kill at work? Maybe give Sony’s full-length documentary “Raising Kratos” a watch. The feature film follows the five-year challenge Santa Monica Studios undertook to recreate one of gaming’s most iconic characters from God of War III to God of War 2017. The lengthily free-to-watch film is now live on YouTube and …

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PS5 Release Date Could Be November 2020 at $499 – Expected to Sell 22 Million Units by March 2022

PS5 release date

We know the PS5 is currently in development after Sony released the first official details of the upcoming console a few weeks ago. A powerful Ray-Tracing GPU, an SSD for super fast loading and a powerful CPU that could support 8K are just few features we can expect on the console. Everyone seems to be …

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Sony Announces New Boring Limited Edition Days of Play PS4 Console

Days of Play PS4

Sony is not at E3 2019 but that is not stopping them from hosting the annual Days of Play campaign. The yearly event sees Sony discount a wide range of PlayStation hardware and games and of course, every year they release a limited edition Days of Play PS4 console too. This year’s Days of Play …

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Sony Teases 7 More Years of Marvel Movies and TV

Marvel Movies

After the huge success of Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony is determined to continue working on Marvel properties including movies and TV for at least seven years to come. Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Tony Vinciquerra and Sony Pictures Television chairman Mike Hopkins chatted about the plans for Spider-Man related content for the years …

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