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Sony Teases 7 More Years of Marvel Movies and TV

Marvel Movies

After the huge success of Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony is determined to continue working on Marvel properties including movies and TV for at least seven years to come. Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Tony Vinciquerra and Sony Pictures Television chairman Mike Hopkins chatted about the plans for Spider-Man related content for the years …

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Don’t Believe Rumours That Sony Interactive Entertainment is Acquiring Take-Two Just Yet

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Could Sony Interactive Entertainment be buying out Take-Two Interactive? Well, after rumours spread online that Sony was on the verge of closing a deal to acquire Take-Two Interactive, news spread like wildfire. It first started from a MarketWatch report on the US Stock Market that headlines concerns over Brexit and the impact of the recently-announced …

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Sony Gives Out Free Awesome PS4 Dynamic Theme to Celebrate Women’s Day

PS4 Dynamic Theme

To celebrate International Women’s Day today across the globe, Sony has put together a fantastic free, and pretty cool-looking PS4 dynamic theme for everyone to go and download. The theme features all of Sony’s iconic female leads across all their first party titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and much more. …

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Sony Patents “Remastering by Emulation” Hinting at PS5 Backward Compatibility

PS5 Backward Compatibility

One major feature that the PS5 needs to have is backwards compatibility. With Microsoft’s stance on backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, Sony will have to make sure their next-gen console is up to modern standards or else it may have some serious consequences. It seems that Sony may be aware of this and they …

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Watch the First Trailer for MediEvil for PlayStation 4

MediEvil for PlayStation 4

Sir Daniel Fortesque is back and more undead than ever. To celebrate Halloween yesterday, Sony released the first trailer for the upcoming remake of MediEvil for PlayStation 4 and it looks simply amazing. Related: Sony Will Not Host Their Annual PSX 2018 This Year The game was first announced at last year’s PlayStation Experience event as …

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Sony Confirms the 20 Games Included with the PlayStation Classic Console

PlayStation Classic

A few weeks ago, Sony announced that they would be releasing a PlayStation Classic mini console similar to Nintendo’s past NES and SNES classic consoles. At the time, Sony did not reveal all the titles that would be included on the device. Yesterday Sony announced the PlayStation Classic game catalogue. Related: Sony Reveals PlayStation Classic …

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Sony Reveals Major Consequences Regarding PSN ID Name Change Such as Loss of Content and More

PSN ID Name Change

When Sony announced that they will be releasing the much-anticipated PSN ID Name Change feature a few weeks ago everyone cheered with joy. The PSN has been around for almost 12 years and that terrible name you chose during launch week has been the one you have had to stick with ever since due to …

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Awesome PlayStation Halloween Sale Has Begun – PlayStation Store Highlights

PlayStation Halloween Sale

There is no doubt some spooky juju vibes in the air at the moment with Halloween month upon us. With that being said, the PlayStation Store is now celebrating the occasion with an awesome PlayStation Halloween Sale that sees the spookiest of spooky games on sale. This sale is home to the likes of Dark …

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Sony CEO Confirms They’re Working on the Next PlayStation Console

next PlayStation console
Han Cilliers

Han Cilliers

Lola puts the cobalt back in all things blue. An active, but odd master of the unorthodox, with more than three decades of sore thumbs under her belt. Oh cat! Writer at Glitched Africa
Han Cilliers

We’ve had months of leaks and rumours that indicated Sony was working on the next PlayStation console. Some leaks even listed the specs of the PlayStation 4’s successor, while others pointed to a 2019 release date. What we’ve not yet had is official confirmation from Sony that the company was working on a new console. …

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review (PSVR)

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review

Up to now, Sony’s PlayStation VR system has been more a quick pick-up-and-play experience with gimmicky games and apps that are used to showcase the experience of VR more than anything else. Sure, we have great games like Firewall: Zero Hour and Moss but there has never been a game where you can invest countless …

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