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RAGE 2 60fps For PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Chosen Over Resolution

rage 2 60fps


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What matters most to you: a game’s resolution or fps? When I answer that question, it is always higher fps for a smoother gameplay experience. Well, it seems like developers id Software and Avalanche Studios would agree, as it has been confirmed RAGE 2 will run at 60fps on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One …

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Bethesda Pokes Fun at RAGE 2 and Far Cry New Dawn’s Similarities

Far Cry New Dawn

Let’s not beat around the bush here. The upcoming Far Cry New Dawn looks very similar to Bethesda’s RAGE 2. While the gameplay may be very different, there is no denying that the art direction has a questionable choice of colour palette. Related:  Far Cry New Dawn Goes Gold – Ubisoft Shares “Light-RPG” Features Bethesda decided …

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