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Help South Africa Compete in The 2019 Overwatch World Cup

2019 Overwatch World Cup

South Africa finally has a chance to compete with the big guys in the upcoming 2019 Overwatch World Cup. This is now thanks to Blizzard changing the way teams are selected for the tournament. In the past, Blizzard would choose who qualifies across players who had a specific SR in specific regions in the world. …

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Overwatch Goes Free For A Week Next Week

Overwatch Goes Free

Overwatch might not be in the league of Battlefield V or Black Ops 4, but it still delivers an incredibly fun experience for young and old. If you’ve not yet joined the Watch, then you should grab a few friends and join in the fun next week as Overwatch goes free. The free trial kicks …

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You Will Have to Reinstall Overwatch When the Next Update Drops


Those of you who are on capped¬†or slow internet, this is fair warning. Blizzard has revealed that when the next Overwatch update releases users will have to reinstall the entire game from scratch, even if it is on disc. According to the Blizzard forum, the next Overwatch update will require a full download to reinstall …

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Blizzard Raises R181 Million for Breast Cancer Research with Overwatch Skin Sales

breast cancer research


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month for those of you who didn’t know. Our thoughts always go out to those affected by breast cancer or who knows someone who does. I personally know two people fighting against breast cancer and it is lovely to see a big publisher like Blizzard doing something. In the biggest …

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