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No Man’s Sky is One Of The Best-Selling New IPs Ever, According to Sean Murray

No Man's Sky


Co-Editor at Glitched Africa
Wessel is Glitched Africa's Resident Afrikaans Guy (RAG) with a passion for all things esports, cats and gaming in general. Dota 2 addict, Dark Souls veteran and all around geek.

The launch of No Man’s Sky was, without a doubt, one of the worst in the history of the gaming industry. There was so much drama about what was promised and what was delivered at launch. Since No Man’s Sky’s launch on 9 August 2016, developer Hello Games and the game’s creator, Sean Murray has …

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No Man’s Sky Gets Visions Update to Further Improve On its Promise

No Man's Sky Visions

If ever there was a video game developer that made a turnaround then it is Sean Murray and Hello Games. They are re-writing history and continuing to deliver on the initial promise they made and I for one respect them for it. The No Man’s Sky Visions update introduces more to discover than ever before …

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