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Unused Borderlands 3 Cover Art Reveal Giant Feet, Babies and Guns for Heads

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a pretty “out there” game with some over-the-top action, characters and story. It was expected to have a crazier cover art too as the scrapped images for what could have been the boxart have been revealed showing off some rather crazy artwork. RELATED: The New Borderlands 3 Trailer Will Leave The Turtles’ Music …

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The New Borderlands 3 Trailer Will Leave The Turtles’ Music Stuck in Your Head

Borderlands 3

Yesterday Gearbox Software officially released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Borderlands 3 after teasing the “Celebration of Togetherness” reveal. Many, including us, thought the reveal would be something related to Borderlands 3 crossplay but that was quickly shot down by Randy Pitchford. The new trailer is as over-the-top as you would expect it to …

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Borderlands 3 Will Not Have Cross-Play at Launch

Borderlands 3 pinging

Gearbox is hosting a special Borderlands 3 “Celebration of Togetherness” stream today at 16:00 South African time and while we all thought it was to announce crossplay, it seems that it not the case. Yesterday we reported on a possibility that crossplay could be coming to the game but Randy Pitchford, the game’s creator has …

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Gearbox Software Teases Another Non-Borderlands 3 Game Reveal For PAX East

Gearbox Software

We know that Borderlands 3 will make its debut at PAX East next week but Gearbox seems to be preparing something else for us to digest too. The Borderlands creator teased “another game for PAX!” on their Twitter account and this time it is not Borderlands 3 related. The image shows a broken robot on …

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