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Fortnite Players Can Now Earn Loot By Watching YouTube Videos

Fortnite YouTube

Fortnite and YouTube have joined forces to give players loot for watching videos. Epic is now rolling out a new feature that will reward players with various cosmetic items for watching matches on YouTube. The new collaboration is called “Drops” and allows players to earn exclusive Fortnite cosmetics after linking their Epic Games and YouTube …

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Stranger Things Portals Appearing in Fortnite

Stranger Things Fortnite

It seems there could be a Stranger Things and Fortnite crossover taking place soon as portals have started appearing in-game. The portals to The Upside Down were spotted in Fortnite’s Mega Mall area. In Stranger Things, these portals teleport people to The Upside Down but in Fortnite, it seems they spit players out somewhere around …

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Fortnite Days of Summer Event Kicks Off

Fortnite Days of Summer

The Fortnite Days of Summer events is kicking off today. The new mode will see players return each day for new content over the course of 14 days. Each day, after 24 hours there will be new content landing in the game including new outfits, free rewards and more. Players can jump into Creative each …

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