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PlayStation is Sharing User’s Game Activity Automatically Through Facebook Without Consent

PlayStation 5

The PS4 has some great social features. Just a press of a button and you can share your videos and screenshots onto Facebook and Twitter. The sharing that you do yourself is awesome but it seems Sony has been sharing your gaming activity known as “Game Event Stories” on Facebook by posting on your behalf …

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Up and Running After Day-Long Outage

If you were trying to get your social media fix in last night and you were welcome to blank white boxes on Facebook, WhatsApp connectivity issues and Instagram loading errors then you were not alone. There was a massive Facebook outage around the world which has now been resolved. Facebook has issues loading images, videos …

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WhatsApp Status Sharing to Facebook and Other Apps Coming Soon

WhatsApp Status Sharing

WhatsApp will soon be bringing a new WhatsApp Status Sharing feature to Android and iOS. The new feature will let users share their WhatsApp status across other apps like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and Google Photos. The WhatsApp Status Sharing feature will then post your shared status across other apps and see it expire after 24 …

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Instagram Influencer Ads From People You Do Not Follow Are Coming Soon

Instagram Influencer Ads

Get ready to see a lot more annoying influencer ads on your Instagram apps. Instagram is now allowing advertisers to promote branded content from influencers as ads in the feed and in Stories. This means you will start seeing these influencer ads on the app, among other sponsored ads too. Yes, whether or not you …

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WhatsApp Ads Will Start Appearing in-App From 2020

WhatsApp Features

We have heard rumours about WhatsApp adding adverts into the chat app for a while now and it seems that they will be arriving much sooner than expected. Users can start to expect WhatsApp ads in the app from as early as next year according to Facebook. The announcement was made at the annual Facebook …

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Facebook Redesign Announced for Mobile and Web – Dark Mode Coming Soon

Facebook Redesign

At Facebook’s F8 developer conference yesterday, the company announced quite a lot of changes coming to all its platforms including Oculus, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and of course, Facebook itself. Facebook’s big push for privacy and social division is working on helping people connect with family and friends. Of course, the most important announcement was a …

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Facebook Allowed Kids To Spend Millions, Despite Concerns Raised


Documents from 2012 concerning a Facebook mechanism that allowed kids to spend their parents’ money without their knowledge, has been unsealed to reveal that the social media giant had been aware of this all along. Related:¬†South African Mortal Kombat 11 Steam Price Is Incredible A new report reveals that Facebook had let a system flourish …

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