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Bungie Parts Ways With Activision, Destiny Stays

Class Actions

Game developer, Bungie and game publisher, Activision are parting ways. After years of bringing great Destiny games to the market, the two companies have decided to split up. Related:¬†Dota 2 Bucharest Minor Playoffs Details & More The gaming industry was shocked to learn of the breakup, but insiders apparently suspected it for years. The tension …

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Destiny 3 Rumoured to Release in 2020 on Next-Gen Hardware

Destiny 3

Destiny 2 will probably be around for another year or two with new expansions releasing every September up until 2020. Destiny 2: The Forsaken gave the series life again as it ushered in a load of changes that many fans like myself have been enjoying. Of course, with the series being such a hit, Bungie …

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Destiny Developer, Bungie Files Trademark For New Project Called “Matter”


Bungie is one of the world’s biggest video game studios. Responsible for the Halo series’ birth and now the popular Destiny franchise, the game studio creates large, expansive universes which we all love exploring. Earlier this year, Bungie announced that they had partnered with Chinese publisher NetEase in a dealing that would help fund their …

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