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Rage 2 Review – “Meh”em and Destruction

Rage 2 Review

The first Rage release was a technical marvel. Running on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the game pushed the hardware to the limits with high-res textures and fantastic character animations using the id-Tech 5 Engine. While its story was questionable, it was one of my most favourite games of last gen. I really hoped my …

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Fallout 76 Bug on PC Deletes Entire 50GB Beta File

Fallout 76 bug

Last week, Bethesda released an open letter to fans explaining that with Fallout 76 we’re all embarking on a brand new journey. We’ve had over a decade of glorious single-player adventures, but now, with Fallout 76, the Wasteland transformed into an online-only experience. Bethesda also stated in the letter that “During the B.E.T.A., you will …

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Bethesda Sees a Better Future Without Console Exclusives

Future without console exclusives


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Exclusives sell consoles. That’s just the way it is and just looking at Sony’s PS4 exclusive lineup combined with the mammoth lead they have this year, it is almost impossible to doubt the impact of a great exclusive. Even though that is the case, mega-publisher Bethesda sees a future without console exclusives. Related: The Reason …

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Fallout 76 House Looting, Camp System and Death Detailed

Fallout 76

While we still know very little about Fallout 76 and its detailed systems, Bethesda is sharing more and more about the game as we nudge closer to the BETA and release. We know players can look forward to experiencing the BETA when it goes live first on Xbox One on 23 October with PS4 and …

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