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Why You Should Take Notice of Battlefield V Specializations for Guns & Vehicles

Battlefield V Specializations

Specializations have been part of almost every Battlefield game. DICE first introduced it in Battlefield 2142, and since then it has been a prominent feature with every instalment. The mechanics around each game for this feature differed, and with Battlefield V Specializations, DICE aims to deliver the most immersive experience in a Battlefield game to …

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How Bullet Penetration Affects Battlefield V Gameplay

Battlefield V gameplay

Destruction has always been a big part of Battlefield games, and it will play an even more significant role in this year’s instalment. DICE sat down with Senior Game Designer, Rickard Antroia, to explain how bullet penetration will shape Battlefield V gameplay. It is a big change from previous instalments, and something Battlefield V players …

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Battlefield V Improvements: The “high-level” issues DICE is addressing

Battlefield V improvements

Earlier this week, we talked about how DICE is planning to change Battlefield V based on player feedback from the recent open beta. One of the changes includes dialing down the more “crazy” customizations. Yesterday, DICE also released the first official blog post detailing all the “high-level” Battlefield V improvements they are currently addressing. Related: …

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