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Anthem Lead Devs Move to Other Projects But BioWare is Still Committed to The Game

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Anthem wasn’t exactly received all that well when it released in February this year and months later, the game still has some issues including post-launch content coming in slower than expected. Recently, fans of the game got some news that didn’t sit too well, as high-profile developers in the Anthem team have moved onto other …

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New Anthem Patch Introduced A Number Of New Bugs

New Anthem Patch

Over the weekend, BioWare released a new Anthem patch which was meant to tweak gameplay elements and fix a variety of other issues the game’s been experiencing since its February 2019 release. Unfortunately, it seems the new Anthem patch, which was aimed at fixing different things players have been experiencing, has now also introduced new …

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Anthem Crashing and Bricking PS4 Consoles -EA Responds

Anthem Crashing

Last night I experienced some rather nasty things while playing Anthem as it kept crashing on PS4. As we know, the game constantly crashes and most of the time it takes you back to the PS4 home screen. Well, some users are getting it worse than many as the game is reportedly bricking their console. …

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