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Respawn Removes Caustic’s Camping Spot in Apex Legends And Fans Are Not Happy

Apex Legends Caustic

Respawn Entertainment is not doing so well right now in terms of its popularity with Apex Legends fans. After the release of the extremely underwhelming Battle Pass, Respawn now upset the community even more by removing the camping spot primarily used by Caustic.

The camping spot saw Caustic trap low-level players in one of the Bunker’s small rooms and use his gas trap ability. It would then kill the players before they had a chance to escape and was quite an experience to both witness and perform. You can see someone sneakily making use of the spot in a video below.

Respawn clearly thought that it had to go so they patched out the small ledge above the door that made this room such a cheese. If you go into the Bunker now, you won’t find it. 

Fans are not happy about this as they have expressed their anger for the removal of the spot over on Reddit. Many of them believe that Caustic is a squishy Legend and Respawn is making him less and less attractive to purchase. Yes, you cannot play Caustic without pulling out your wallet and paying a premium to unlock him. 

Other players are complaining that Respawn has a million other things they should be tweaking and fixing in the game and the first thing they do is remove a simple camping spot.

Whatever they think, it is gone now and the fun is over. For those of you that spent money on Caustic, good luck mastering his gadgets which feel useless at times due to the range and planning it takes for you to use them successfully. Maybe someone should find a way to cheese Mozambique and then they will fix that too? 

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