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Apple Owes Qualcomm $31 Million, A Jury Finds


A jury in federal court in San Diego, US found that Apple owes phone chip maker, Qualcomm Inc. $31 million for infringing three of its patents. Qualcomm started legal proceedings against Apple, claiming that the maker behind the iPhone violated patents that have been granted to it, relating to bettering battery life on mobile phones.

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After an 8-day trial, the jury found in Qualcomm’s favour, finding that Apple had violated three of the company’s patents. The jury further found that Apple owes Qualcomm $31 million after the chip maker claimed for royalties of up to $1.41 for every iPhone which violates the three patents in questions. Qualcomm has successfully argued that Apple used its technology, which it has patents for, without paying for licensing or the actual chips.

Apple filed a case against Qualcomm in 2017, which is set to start trial in April 2019. Apple is attacking Qualcomm’s entire business model and is not deterred by the outcome of this recent case.

Qualcomm’s ongoing campaign of patent infringement claims is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the larger issues they face with investigations into their business practices in U.S. federal court, and around the world.

Qualcomm patents its technology and licenses these out to mobile phone makers, like Apple, charging a cut of the selling price of the mobile phone which makes use of its patented technology. Apple is alleging that this business practice is unfair and illegal.

Qualcomm argues that, without its patented technology, Apple wouldn’t have the widely popular range iPhones it was able to manufacture and sell.

The technologies invented by Qualcomm and others are what made it possible for Apple to enter the market and become so successful so quickl. We are gratified that courts all over the world are rejecting Apple’s strategy of refusing to pay for the use of our IP.

Apple is currently the second most valuable company in the US, with a market value of $866 billion and billions more in annual revenue. Microsoft Corp is the most valuable company in the US.


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