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PS4 Users Warned to Set Messages to Private After Text Message Causes Consoles to Crash and Reformat

PS4 Brick Message

If you own a PS4 we urge you to change your message privacy to closed as soon as possible. Over the weekend, reports starting to come up about a series of texts floating around that could ultimately brick your console. The text contains special characters that when viewed, crashes the console and forces players to boot into safe mode and reformat their console completely. PS4 Brick Message

The worst part about this is that it does not only work if you just open the text message but it also happens if you receive a notification about it too. According to the source of this issue, Reddit, deleting the text on the mobile app does not even prevent the issue.

One of the worst cases so far saw an entire team of Rainbow Six: Siege players receive the text while in a match which had them all resetting their consoles to factory default. The only player that was safe had his settings to private.

PS4 Brick Message

According to BordDrone, anyone can brick anyone else’s PS4 by just sending a message which is designed by a mistake in the coding of the PS4.

We urge everyone to set their settings to private for now by following the below steps;

Go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings > Enter your password > Personal Info | Messaging, and set Messages to either Friends or No One. 

The same can be done on your phone via the mobile app. Open Settings > Privacy Settings > Personal Info | Messaging > Messages > No One

Another route you can take to fix this if you have recieved this message can be seen below:

  • If one of those messages are sent to you, just turn off the console.
  • Take the phone app and erase the message.
  • Then press down the power button for 7 seconds to make the PS4 go into Safe Mode.
  • Finally proceed to Rebuild the Database to fix the problem. (This is not factory reset, nothing will be erased).

Others say that removing the message from the phone app is enough to fix the problem, but there are some conflicting reports on this.

I guess you can try just removing the message with your phone and wait a few minutes first

You can leave your settings on “Friends” if you trust them but we suggest in the time being, everyone just changes it to closed until Sony fixes this issue.

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