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People Are Review-Bombing Pokémon Let’s Go And It’s Sad

Pokémon Let's Go

Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu are great games. Sure, they move away from the traditional Pokémon RPG experience a bit but with my time with the game, I really loved the old-school vibe they have. I praise the addictive gameplay and fresh direction. Some people, however, don’t as many feel disappointed by the game and the drastic changes to the formula and of course, they will make sure their important opinion is seen across sites all over the world.

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Upset users have started review-bombing the games across Metacritic by spamming ridiculous negative reviews dragging the user score down for the game. Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu is sitting with over 350 negative user reviews. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, giving a game a “0” is a bit extreme. These users are clearly upset and are using the feature as an outlet to vent their frustration over the game instead of actually testing it out for themselves.

The Metacritic user score system lets anyone score a game even without playing it so those Pokémon fanboys who don’t even own a Switch are using the platform as a playground. But it does not end there. Amazon Japan had to remove the star rating off the game after users started giving the product a half a star rating for no apparent reason. While you can see the star rating now, the average ratio is inaccurate.

Heaven forbid game developers create something that players don’t deem fit as the level of entitlement in gaming has never been higher. We just suggest you don’t trust any user score out there as they have become an unreliable scoring system.

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