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The best 4K TVs to buy for gaming – 2018 Edition

When looking at a 4K TV for gaming there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Does it have local dimming and does it boast HDR support to truly take your image quality to the next level? Last year I put a guide together on the best TVs to buy for gaming and I thought it was time to revisit the guide seen as things have changed, models are no longer available and prices are lower now too. If you are in the market for a 4K TV and you are a gamer then this should help you make the right decision.

It also all depends on your budget too. LED < QLED < OLED is how the prices go and if you have under R10,000 to spend then you will probably get a fairly decent LED TV with some great features. If you are willing to splurge more than R10,000 then make sure you have room space as the price range means bigger TVs. Anything over R20,000 then means QLED or OLED at bigger and better sizes but the prices might leave you distraught. 

Prices for these TVs are always changing so instead of linking you to local stores we have linked to the manufacturer's site

A few things to keep in mind


While I do recommend one TV that does not have HDR, I would suggest you do not buy a TV without the feature. HDR not only allows for a much greater level of unprecedented visual quality but it also means that the TV can get much brighter than conventional TVs and darker too. It also means that colour is controlled at a much more detailed level which results in better image quality. While you cannot see this unless you are using HDR content such as Netflix and games on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the TV's design is just much better with the tech included. 

R0 – R10,000

These TVs represent the low-budget range. They are great for 4K content but they do not have many features like local dimming and HDR. Look at these TVs when shopping around for 4K TVs just because you want to experience 4K. 

Hisense 43-inch UHD TV (43N3000UW)

Price: R5,999 


The most budget of all budget 4K TVs is the Hisense N3000 model. It does not have HDR and a sub-par speaker system but if you are looking for a 4K TV just for UHD content then this is the one. It does include Hisense's VIDAA Smart system so at least you will be able to watch Netflix in 4K. As for gaming, you will get your 4K content but that is about it. The TV does not dim well either so there will be a shimmer at all times on all images.

LG 49-inch UHD Smart TV (LG49UH617V)

Price:  R7,999


My old TV was the 55-inch model of this one and it was great. It boasted HDR, WebOS 3.0, and the magic remote that acts as a mouse pointer on the TV. In general, the UH617 models are fantastic and a great bargain if you are looking for a TV that has all the features you want from a 4K display. While it does not dim as well as you hope, its bright panels and the larger size will deliver a great picture quality across games. 

Hisense 50-inch UHD Smart TV (50M5010)

Price: R8,999


So why the big jump for just one inch you ask? Well, the Hisense 50M5010 boasts quite a nifty selection of tech that is quite expensive to make, but more importantly the local dimming on it is much better than other LEDs on the market. This means that blacks will be much darker than other TVs that normally have a shimmer to them when viewing the TV in a dark room. While it is nothing on the level of a QLED or OLED, it is a great feature for a TV of its asking price. It also boasts HDR and smart features too. 

Samsung 50-inch UHD Smart TV (50KU700)

Price: R9,499


While Samsung does have a budget 43-inch 4K TV on the market, its true entry into its decent TV range is the KU7000 models and the cheapest you will find is the 50-inch model. The only two faults I can find with this TV is the viewing angles are average and the HDR use is not as great as it could be, however, it handles its black levels quite well considering it does not have local dimming. The best part about this TV is the way it handles its 4K content which makes gaming great on the TV. 

R10,000 – R20,0000

These TVs start to get a bit more expensive but at the same time, it means they are bigger and you will find more curved displays here too. Most of all, these TVs deliver a more premium design with better features such a local dimming and higher colour control. They also start to make use of fancier tech such as Nano Cells, and ULED. 

Hisense 55-inch ULED (55M7000)

Price: R12,999


The Hisense ULED is not a special breed of TV at all rather its ULED is just a term for the way the TV handles its colours and lighting. It is a fantastic display that delivers bright colours and most of all much darker blacks. This is thanks to its high contrast ratio that makes sure that when an image is meant to be black, it is really black, or well close enough. The Hisense ULED model is a fantastic buy for its price. 

LG 55-inch 4K Super UHD Nano Cell TV (55SJ800)

Price: R16,999


Now that you are dipping into the higher R10k – 20k models they start to get much fancier. One of the best budget LG TVs that are not OLED is the Nano Cell model. This TV boasts a gorgeous design, active HDR, WebOS 3.5 and most of all its Nano Cell display that delivers precise colour and a brighter and more vivid image. While it does boast local dimming, the image quality does not reach the level of the QLED and OLED. However, it is still a level above any LED. 

Samsung 55-inch Premium UHD TV (55MU8000)

Price: R19,999


Coming in right on the edge of the price range is the Samsung MU8000 model. This TV is similar to LG's Super UHD TV in which its “premium UHD” feature gives colour and brightness a great boost. The TV also handles its black levels very well and its 240hz motion gives images a much smoother look. It is also Samsung's cheapest TV to make use of the One Connect box which means nothing gets plugged into the TV but a single fibre optic cable. The only downfall is the poor viewing angles but you are playing games on it so you should be in front of it anyway. 

R20,000 – R30,000

With the increase in price comes, yet again, the increase in size and display too. These TVs represent the bigger version of the TVs listed in the R10k – R20k area with a few of them introducing the true pinnacle of TV design. 

Samsung 65-Inch UHD Curved TV (65MU7350)

Price: R23,999


There is nothing much about the Samsung 65-inch Curved UHD TV other than its size. It is almost identical to the U7000 model but it is bigger and curved. It does boast some sound enhancements thanks to its better speaker system and its size will let it deliver much more clarity on screen thanks to its UHD Dimmer. If you are looking for a big TV that is curved then this is the one. 

Samsung 55-inch QLED Flat TV (55Q7F)

Price: R24,999


The entry-level QLED TV is the 55-inch flat display. This TV makes use of Samsung's Quantum Dots technology that allows for a near-perfect black level thanks to its edge-lit LEDs and its high local dimming support. Most of all it is one of the brightest and most vivid TVs you can buy which means its HDR is on another level compared to other TVs on this list. Yes, it is 55-inch, but it has all the QLED features such as the One Connect box, and the fantastic display. 

LG 65-inch SUHD Nano Cell TV (65SJ8000) 

Price: R26,799


While it does not have the same image quality and colour gamut as the Samsung QLED above, it is 10 inches bigger which could be a selling point for some. This TV is basically the same as the Nano Cell listed above but bigger. 

Hisense 65-inch ULED (65N8700)

Price: R29,999


This ULED model is the same as the previous one but the size is different. Coming in at 65-inch the TV is much bigger and unlike the 55-inch that only has 2xHMDI ports, this one has 4. If you have your eyes on the ULED but want a bigger one then this is the model to buy. 

R30,000 and up

The next few TVs will break the bank but they are the best of the best around. These displays beat the competition above by quite a bit thanks to their use of technology and the way they handle image quality. Most of them are also bigger. 

LG OLED 55-inch 4K TV (LG55C7) 

Price: R31,999


Yes, it is only a 55-inch display but the LG OLED TVs are the best on the market when it comes to blacks. Due to the fact that each pixel is self-illuminating, the TV is able to deliver perfect blacks without any glow around the object at all. The OLED is expensive and for the same price you can get a 65-inch TV but the payoff might be worth it for some. HDR, 4K, and perfect blacks make it a great buy for gaming. 

65-inch model – R52,999 (LG65C7)
75-inch model – R79,999 (LG75C7) 

Samsung 65-inch QLED Flat TV (65Q7F) 

Price: R44,999 


Coming in at a much higher price tag than the 55-inch model, the 65-inch display boasts better sound, higher local dimming support and is of course much bigger than the 55-inch one. This is the mid-level QLED TV you could buy with the next one up being the 65-inch curved display. 

65-inch Curved Model – R54,999 (65Q7C) 
75-inch Curved Model – R95,999 (75Q7C)

So there you have it. When shopping around for these TVs make sure you look up the model number and the specs. Some retailers hide features away from you and many salespeople in the store do not know what HDR and UHD are, so do some research on the TV before you buy it. 

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