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Sony is about to make the PS4 Pro look better on all HD TVs


While the PS4 Pro is great when it comes to 4K and its other visual enhancements in games, if you don't own a 4K TV then the enhanced visuals don't always get delivered to you. Supersampling is the process of rendering a higher resolution image on a TV that does not support it and then sampling it down to your TV's resolution. Due to it being sampled down the image quality results in a crisper and more defined visual fidelity. In short, it is much prettier than usual.

In order to achieve this, the developer actually need to implement a supersampling process into their games  for the image to be rendered at 4K and then sampled down to 1080p for your display, and often this process is not properly developed into the game and some games don't even offer 1080p enhancements for the PS4 Pro. 

Well, it seems that is all about to change as according to a leaked image from the upcoming PS4 5.50 system update, Sony will be implementing a system-wide Supersampling Mode that will improve the image of some games when using a 2K and HD TV with your PS4 Pro console. While the image does not say much, it is clear that this feature might be a hit or miss with some games as it says that “results may differ depending on the game. In some games, image quality may not improve or the frame rate may change”. 


What this all means is that if you have a PS4 Pro and don't have a 4K TV yet, then you will soon be able to benefit from super-sampled image quality without the need for the developer to implement it into their game. This means that games that run at a higher resolution on the Pro will all look much better on your HD TV and it could mean that owners without a 4K TV might now look at the PS4 Pro as the choice for their PlayStation experience. Microsoft already had this feature implemented into the Xbox One X on day one so it is nice to see Sony showing some love for those 4K-less gamers. 

This feature is said to roll out when PS4 System Software 5.50 releases to the public. We don't have a set release date for it at the moment as it has just entered the beta process. You can take a look at the growing list of supported games according to ResetEra here

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