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The Last of Us Part II is half way done – Will be at E3 2018

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While the PlayStation Experience event was a complete let down on the weekend with no new announcements besides some PS VR stuff, the developer panels for some upcoming games did hide some tasty details on a few titles. One of the panels, in particular, The Last of Us Part II, touched on the game’s development and revealed some progress as well as story details.

First off with the story, Game Director Neil Druckmann started off by saying that in The Last of Us Part II no one is safe and the risk of death in the sequel is bigger than ever. This means that everyone you meet along the way and even Joel and Ellie could die in the game. No one knows what direction the story is going but it seems to be darker than ever and the threats are more real than we think. Neil touched on the two new characters we met on the Paris Games Week trailer, Yara and Lev.

Apparently, they are two siblings 16 and 13 years old and were detained in a religious cult before escaping. Neil revealed that The Last of Us Part II will be about hate and this all results in a darker story, one that we are not used to in the series. However, he did reveal that while this is the case, the game will have light-hearted moments too. The game will also take place in Seattle for the most part.

Neil mocked EA’s comment on single player games during the panel as he stated that Naughty Dog will keep on making single player, linear, narrative-driven games. As for the release of the game, it is still a while away as the game is only 50-60% done according to the Game Director. Naughty Dog started work on the game around the time Uncharted: The Lost Legacy released so development is progressing at a rapid rate. While I am confident the game will not release in 2018, an early 2019 release could be likely. I also do believe that there could be a chance we get to play this on next-generation hardware too as the game’s visuals do seem very close to the next level and the release window also lines up with the speculated new wave of consoles

We will, however, get to see the game in action at E3 2018 as it will make its gameplay debut at the show next year.

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