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Hawaii to prohibit sales of games containing loot boxes to under 21s


The sun is coming out on the loot box saga as Hawaii is officially the first state in the US to implement laws against selling games to anyone under the age of 21 if the said game has loot boxes included in them. But wait there is more and it gets even better. The four bills being brought forward to government include 1, restricting the sale of games with loot boxes to anyone under 21 (the legal gambling age in Hawaii) and 2, this includes random rewards too. 2, to enforce that developers make clear on the box art of the said game that it does indeed contain loot boxes. The last bill will enforce a law that will require developers to disclose loot box drop rates for that game.

Hawaii is not the first place to make such drastic changes as in China a law was already passed that required all developers to publish their loot box drops. Hawaii is just the first state in the USA to do so and this is a great step forward for gamers as it could mean more governments follow suit. 

It was just in November when state representative Chris Lee began leading the charge against loot boxes in Hawaii. His goal is to just pave the way for the industry to start change. All this drama has been brought about by Star Wars: Battlefront 2 that contained a heavy pay-to-win system where players could buy loot boxes that contained powerful weapons and gear cards to enhance their skill online. The loot boxes have been removed since. This was due to pressure from Disney who owns the Star Wars franchise. 

If you ask me this is great news and hopefully, more governments around the world will do the same thing. Unfortunately, things don't need to be this way as it would all be fine if loot boxes were restricted to cosmetic items but companies like EA Games and Activision abused this system by making the feature “pay-to-win”, sparking controversy around the world. 

Do you think the South African Government will ever implement the same bill? Let us know in the comments below. 

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