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Destiny 2 Prophecy Weapons: What are they and how to make them?


If you’re playing the curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2 right now, chances are you’ve encountered the prophecy weapons to which you need to gather rare materials to craft them in the lighthouse. Calling these materials rare can sometimes be an understatement as they’ll have you opening countless chests or completing several strikes or crucible games just to obtain one or two. We’ve done some grinding and have come up with the best ways to obtain these materials, and here they are. Take a look at the video below or follow on to see the best ways to farm.

For the Paradox Amplifiers, they are only obtainable from heroic mercury adventures, strikes and crucible matches. All activities mentioned here except for the crucible matches can be quite lengthy, with crucible matches usually lasting about 10 minutes. Whilst there’s no other sure fire way of obtaining the Paradox Amplifiers, this means that the crucible matches will be your best shot, seeing as the drop rates aren’t affected by you winning or losing.

But the Radiolarian Culture, which is the other material needed in the crafting of the weapon, can be obtained in any world chest and from public events. Although we didn’t see much luck with lost sector chests. Our best and most effective method that we found was to patrol on Titan. Titan one of the smallest patrol areas and has the best size to chest ratio.

We highly recommend picking up a ghost that locates chests on titan within a certain range. There are two public event possibilities that can happen on Titan, with many chests spawning around them.


When opening these chests you have a chance to obtain the green quality radiolarian with a very small chance to obtain the blue quality item, which is worth 10 of the green ones and that basically cuts your farming time down drastically. It should be noted that fire team medallion doesn’t seem to affect the drop rates of these items.

Once you’ve obtained all the necessary items, you can begin crafting. All prophecy weapons need different amounts of materials to craft, some needing more Paradox Amplifiers than others and vice versa. For example, the first lost prophecy only needed 1 concentrated radiolarian, which is the blue quality item, and verse 3 needed 1 concentrated radiolarian and 2 advanced Paradox Amplifiers.

The weapons that you’ll be crafting are pimped out mercury themed weapons that seem like the vex got hold of them. There are 12 of these weapons overall, and once you’ve crafted them, the corresponding light will light up on the lighthouse wall, near the forge.


These weapons are a huge change to what we currently have, but the amount of grind needed for just a single weapon makes me question the worth of it.

Overall this is the quickest way we found to farm up the materials needed for the lost prophecies. Did you find a quicker way? Let us know in the comments.

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