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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Review: An infinite failure


No trophies, bugged HDR, a broken Crucible weapon, locking out players from content. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is an abysmal mess and I would hate to say that it single-handily ruined the entire Destiny 2 experience so far for me. It was gunning for FPS Game of the Year for me and over the past few weeks with robbed XP gains, the disastrous launch of the expansion, and the lack of content on it, I have to say that Destiny 2 has become my biggest disappointment in 2017.

It is sad but the latest content drop felt like the public space it takes place on, an abandoned Combined Arms map, the story was strung together by broken ideas, and the Crucible was ruined by a broken weapon that Bungie decided to give to everyone by Xur selling it in the first week of the DLC. It was just one bad idea after another bad implementation.


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris packs a 2-hour max campaign that sees you head to Murcery to stop the Vex, yes Vex again, and save Osiris. After the series’s strong emphasis on Osiris and his epic lore, you would think that he would be a stronger character for the expansion, but in this case, he is more like a supporting act. While the game tries to emphasize his relationship with his former student Ikora, the entire plot falls flat when you realize you are just running around old planets in old locations killing old enemies all in an attempt to stop Panoptes. It almost feels like fetch-and-carry quests with no real motivation to attempt them. Sure, my first character was a thrill to play them with, but once I realized that two of the nine missions were actually Strikes implemented into the campaign, the thought of playing it again with my second character was torture by itself.


There are a handful of re-skinned enemies but they again don’t deliver any new challenge at all, rather just the same weak points to shoot over and over again. Something we have been doing since day one. The Strikes, which are story missions by the way if you did not get it before, offer some exciting gunfights that I did enjoy, but when you realize that Bungie watered down the story to bloat it with these missions it becomes clear that the value of the content is actually reduced quite a lot. Still, the Strikes do offer something exciting and they are a good length too. Hopefully, we will get one of them on Nightfall rotation soon so we can really experience the challenge of them.

Where the game falls flat is in its story and bosses. By the time you reach the final boss you kill him in seconds and the entire so-called “dramatic” story is a huge anticlimax thanks to the way you deal with the threat. It all feels to prescripted and lacks any real mechanic to it at all. The same can then be said for Osiris who is meant to be such an epic character in the game’s story and lore and after the campaign, he just vanishes completely. It is such a waste that I could not help but feel the potential to have him present in the content in some way or another was wasted. Not to mention you don’t even meet him much in the campaign at all.


While you do spend quite a lot of time in old locations during the expansion, the Infinite Forest is a gorgeous location on Murcery that sees you go from the present to the past to the future. Each of these locations is breathtakingly pretty, especially the past, that shows you just what the planet looked like before the Vex took over. Lush trees and gorgeous environments await you but they are over before you can even take a screenshot.

As for the new public hub, it is very small and quite pathetic. Containing one lost sector and one public event, the hub feels like a PvP map that Bungie neglected to add into the base game and decided to do it now. Brother Vance is back to turn tokens into for gear and the Cabal and Vex are constantly at war. It is nothing new and nothing that pushes the envelope at all. There are some adventures to take on and Bungie has now added Heroic Adventures too but you can only do one of the three once a week.


When it comes to post-game content, it is clear that Bungie is trying to fix the lack of grind we love so much but it could be a little too late. New Prophecy Weapons are the game’s biggest grind as they require you to farm for one of three materials only dropped at random through different activities. I spent the whole day playing Strikes and fighting in the Crucible to make one of the twelve weapons. It was a tedious and mindless activity, one which does not pay homage to the original grind we loved in the first game at all. Not to mention the weapons are completely useless too, making the grind worthless.

Season 2 also brings new gear to all vendors as well as ornaments to set gear too but these ornaments are just a slight visual change to the gear and other than that, this invites you yet another tedious grind. The Trials of the Nine gear, for example, needs you to go flawlessly seven times before you can unlock the ornament to change the look of your piece of gear. This is something I will not be doing, thank you very much.


Crucible is another hot mess in Destiny 2 as the Prometheus Lens, the new exotic linear fusion rifle, released as broken as old Gjallarhorn was in the last game. It just melts players instantly and ruined the entire launch week. Trials of the Nine which I attempted this weekend was the same story. To make it worse, every single person in the game has the gun now due to Bungie releasing it through Xur. Why they did this is beyond me but they broke the game, well the PvP anyway. The new maps are great but the thought of going back to the game mode until the gun is fixed makes me nauseous.

No doubt the best part of the expansion is the new Raid Lair. Now, I was a bit worried about this new raid as Bungie did say it was shorter than previous ones. Well, I felt like it was the perfect length and offered a great set of platform puzzles, which we all love don’t lie, and the boss is a giant Vex world mind that offers a great team battle that relies on working together. The locations that you visit are yet another fantastic adventure through the World Eater, one which I wish we could explore from top to bottom.


Then we have the launch bugs which I am sorry if I am going on about them but for 2017 and being a veteran game studio, this is unforgivable. Bungie simply did not add HDR on the PS4 as they stated in their patch notes, and trophies are just missing from the PS4 version completely. This, added with the broken weapon, the fact that they are locking players who don’t own the expansion out of Prestige Mode content, and the sheer disappointing content delivered in the expansion made me wonder what they have been doing all this time and who even tests these patches before they go live. The entire delivery of this expansion was an utter disaster and it has left a sour taste in my mouth. One which I hope Bungie fixes in the coming months. I don’t even want to think about what mess they are working on for the next expansion due early next year.

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Reviewed On: PS4 Pro | Release Date: 5 December 2017 | RRP: R280

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