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The keyboard for serious PUBG players


Why use a standard keyboard when you can work and play with a Chicken Dinner Mechanical Keyboard. Varmilo's range of mechanical keyboards for PlayerUnknown's Battleground is the unofficial answer to the question players didn't know they asked.

It comes in eight versions, each with something special to make the life of serious PUBG players a little easier. As you can see in the above image, keys are mapped with corresponding icons to provide the fastest possible way to important in-game actions.


The keyboards come in different sizes as well, and you can choose between different wood finishes like brown, silver, or blue cherry. The mechanical keys are decked out in gold, black, and white and provide different combinations of PlayerUnknown's Battleground keys. The Varmilo VA87M range completely foregoes the Numpad (notice the placeholder image) while the more expensive VA108M range includes everything you need for work and PUBG-play.

The only drawback is, of course, the price. To own one of Varmilo's PlayerUnknown's Battleground mechanical chicken dinner keyboard will cost you between  $130 to $164 (the silent red cherry version). That's almost two thousand Rand for the most expensive version.

But can you put a price on having a Chicken Dinner Keyboard? That is the real question. Order yours here.

In other PUBG news, the PC version received a new patch that fixes a few performance issues and some minor bugs. Below are the patch notes.

PUBG PC Patch 1.0

  • Client Optimization: Reduced lowered performance issue when many players were in the same area

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where character movement was instantly stopped and adjusted
  • Fixed the issue where character movement seemed unusual during the replay

Lastly, here's some interesting reading material for those who might've missed it. PUBG hands out apology BP to everyone, but players demand China rather gets region locked for cheating. Meanwhile, in China; 120 PUBG cheat creators have reportedly been arrested.

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