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The 5 types of players you want to see in multiplayer


Last month, I wrote about the five things you never want to see in a multiplayer match,
but probably do most of the time. Those types of players bring down the
experience in your favourite online games and can annoy the living
daylights out of everyone involved.

Today, I wanted to focus on those players who we
all want to see in our matches. The players who make a match better and
can enhance the experience. These unsung heroes are sometimes left
unappreciated, so let’s celebrate them today. Remember, not all heroes
wear capes!

The Sensei

Teaching doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I
would go so far as to say that most gamers I have met don’t care about
teaching new players, but instead just focus on improving their own
skills. You can’t force someone to become a teacher, but there are some
players who are just made for it. Enter the Sensei, a veteran player who
makes it their mission in life to teach the newbies the way of the
pros. Even if you aren’t a new player, you can learn things from the
Sensei and improve your game.

Seeing one of these players help others become
better during a match is a great experience and I have always admired
how calm they can stay even when the new player refuses help. Senseis
are at their best when they have a Young Grasshopper to teach.


The Young Grasshopper

Most players don’t like newbies in their match
because it feels as if a loss is then inevitable. At best, with a newbie
on your side, it will be an uphill battle in most games. However, with
the guidance of a Sensei, the Young Grasshopper can become a valuable
ally. These new players might come from a game that is similar to what
you are playing now and just need to learn some mechanical aspects to
become great players quickly.

most important trait of the Young Grasshopper is that he or she is
willing to learn from their mistakes, willing to take advice and
criticism. They have that drive to become better and sometimes, you can
literally see them improving as a match progresses. That’s the type of
newbie I would be happy to see in any match I play, but seeing one with a
Sensei at hand is quite rare.

Doctor Feelgood

You know those people who just have a tonne of
energy and the ability to get hyped up about everything? Well, for me,
those people serve a wonderful purpose in a multiplayer match. Sometimes
you’ve been waiting in a queue for a long time and when you finally
find a match, toxic players and even disconnects can get you down in the

Enter Doctor Feelgood, who manages to lift our
spirits in a match, telling us everything will be okay and getting us
all excited for the next hour or so. When you are losing badly, Doctor
Feelgood can come in and get that team spirit back and shows immense
excitement even at the slightest nudge in the right direction. The only
thing negative I can possibly say about Doctor Feelgood is that he or
she doesn’t actually have a PhD, well most of the time anyway.

dr feelgood.jpg

Private Ryan

This Private Ryan doesn’t need saving, or well,
maybe a bit. The thing about this type of player is that they can open
up new opportunities for a team by rushing and miraculously open a
pathway to victory. When a team is camping and just refuses to move
forward to press on the attack, Private Ryan can run in and kick things
off, being a sacrificial lamb if you will.

These players are sometimes called newbies by
their teammates and shunned for their terrible kill/death ratio, but in
fact, they should be the MVP of a match. When Private Ryan pushes to the
next point in, for example, rush mode in a Battlefield title, teammates
can spawn on the player and push their way to victory. More often than
not, Private Ryan fails, but when he or she does succeed, it is a
glorious sight to behold.

Private Ryan.jpg

The Mediator

We all know how many fights break out during
multiplayer matches. These fights can cause a whole match to degrade to
the point of no return as everything just turns into arguments between
opposing teams or inside a specific team. Unlike Doctor Feelgood who
uses humour, the Mediator uses logic to help cool off a heated argument.

The Mediator can sometimes get a game back on
track by finding common ground amongst players and importantly, not
taking sides in a fight. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and things just
escalate, but it is very nice to see things calm down and a match can
continue on without further issues. It is probably the most difficult of
the jobs to do correctly, but someone has to do it, and some players
are just cut out for it.

Are you one of these types of players and do you
have any types to add to the list of players you want to see in every
multiplayer match? Let’s celebrate these heroes in the comment section

This article has been republished and facts edited to reflect correct dates and prices 

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