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More details revealed about Mavericks: Proving Grounds’ 400-player battle royale mode


Automaton has been working on a 1000-player massively multiplayer game that will include a 400-player battle royale mode. Up to this past weekend, it has only been known as Project X, but we finally have more details thanks to PC Gamer. At the PC Gamer Weekender, the developer shared a small teaser as well as some new details about the game. Here's what we know so far:

  • Official title: Mavericks: Proving Grounds
  • Release: The Battle Royale mode to launch later this year
  • Release: The open-world MMO part to release in 2019

The Battle Royale mode will see 400 players hunting each other in a 12km squared map that the developer describes as a “living and breathing world.” The teaser trailer shows some dense forests, mountains, grasslands and a building in the distance. According to the PC Gamer interview, the environment will be “highly destructible.” Automaton's website shows a single image from the game that shows a muddy dirt road, a vehicle, and some buildings.

Automaton has been working on Mavericks: Proving Grounds since 2015, and promises that it will move into its beta phase in “Summer this year.” Their aim with Mavericks is to create an “unprecedented” multiplayer experience with the core focus on realism in a tactical, action shooter environment.

When it comes to gameplay, the dev said that it would be “intuitive,” and although it will resemble what we see in current battle royale games, it will be very different. That difference will be seen in the “level of simulation” and “different strategies” they will put in the world.

What's interesting in the interview is that Automaton promises that players will see how much more there can be to a battle royale mode. Currently, the standard for that is set by Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and what I can gather from the interview, Automaton wants to do more than what players experienced in those two titles when it comes to the game world as well as “the game mode as a whole.”

Mavericks: Proving Grounds will have a social hub for its MMO side, and it sounds a bit like Destiny 2's The Farm and Traveler (in Maverick it will be called “The Capital”). The MMO side will be more RPG-focused with clans and other traditional mechanics. 

You can check out the full interview below as well as the short teaser of the battle royale feature.

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