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The top 5 free to play games of 2017


There has been a tonne of great new game releases this year, but you have to pay for most of them. Not everyone has a big gaming budget and still want to play some great games. Well, that’s where free-to-play titles come in and this year has been an extremely good one for free-to-play gaming. Check out the free to play games of 2017

With that in mind, it was quite difficult to pick my top five free-to-play games of 2017. I picked only the games that released in 2017 and those that went free-to-play this year, so don’t expect games like Dota 2 on the list. Check out my top five below and join in the action, because they are all free so there is simply nothing to lose.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

It was StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, that really got me serious about eSports. Blizzard’s RTS masterpiece is, without a doubt, one of the greatest strategy titles ever created. I would go so far as to say the game is basically virtual Chess, as the balance between three unique races is just so superb. Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty went completely free last month. The entire game, including the amazing campaign and multiplayer experience, is available to everyone.

Therefore, it is my number one pick for free-to-play games in 2017 and best of all, there are no microtransactions, loot boxes or anything of the sort. Blizzard even took some shots at the whole Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransaction debacle last month when StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty went free-to-play. You can view the hilarious yet completely accurate video below while you download the fantastic RTS title.


In case you didn’t know, Battlerite recently moved out of Steam Early Access into a full release on PC and has enjoyed some great success since launch. The game is an Arena Brawler and delivers some of the most intense, exhilarating and downright satisfying gameplay I have experienced in the genre so far. The best thing about Battlerite for our local readers is that it does, in fact, have South African servers, so we can all enjoy low latency and local gameplay because local is lekker!

The developers aren’t slowing down since the game’s release from Early Access either, as two new updates that include a new event and a new champion, have already been released. Battlerite is growing fast and I think everyone with a capable PC should at least try it because it could very well turn out to be the next League of Legends or Dota 2.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

With the massive success of PUBG, Battle Royale seems to be all the rage in 2017. However, you have to pay for PUBG, but not for Fornite’s Battle Royale mode, which is available to everyone on PC, PS4 and Xbox One absolutely free of charge. Epic Games released the mode on 26 September and since then, I’ve had quite a few great experiences with it. Although in my opinion not as good as PUBG, it is still an extremely fun game to play. The only real issue I have at the moment is the latency, which gets quite difficult to deal with.

Even so, the game takes Battle Royale in a great direction with the ability to build your own hideouts, bunkers or just walls to stop bullets from ensuring your early demise. If anything, Fortnite’s Battle Royale is a must-try game, especially if you enjoy some extremely intense multiplayer action.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Yes, I have a mobile game on the list and I’m proud of it. South Park: Phone Destroyer is my new mobile addiction as it is a tonne of fun to play. The game was released last month for Android and iOS devices and is one of the best mobile gaming experiences I have ever had. The game is simply so addictive. It combines real-time strategy and collectable cards and features PVP battles, upgrades and of course the awesome South Park humour we all know and love.

It is like having the small town and all its inhabitants right on your phone and not to mention, it even has a full single player story! You once again play with the New Kid, but this time in a cowboy’s type affair, with all the humour you could ever hope for. My first moments, I had a fake phone call from Eric Cartman, and that just sold me on the game completely.


Gigantic released all the way back in July of this year and I feel like the game hasn’t been talked about enough because it is a really great free-to-play title that everyone should at least try out. The game is a strategic hero shooter that delivers fast and fluid combat combined with deep strategic gameplay. Players battle alongside and against massive Guardians, which is where the name Gigantic obviously comes from.

Throughout some time with the game, I experienced nothing but joy in the epic five versus five battles for dominance. With over 20 playable heroes and one singular goal of destroying the enemy team and their Guardian, it is a blast to play on PC or Xbox One.

If you haven’t tried out any of these games yet, then I strongly suggest you do. Since they are free-to-play, there is no downside to trying them out, you might just get hooked in the process and find one of your new favourite games to play.

Are there any other free-to-play titles released this year that you think should be in the top 5? Let us know in the comment section below and tell us if you are playing any of these games.

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