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Fortnite Monopoly looks to be more than just a re-skin of the popular board game

Epic Games Creative Director, Donald Mustard, announced earlier this week that the Fortnite Monopoly game will release in October. It went up briefly for pre-order on Zavvi, a UK-based Geek merchandise site, but was pulled after only a few hours.

“Thrilled to show you the final art and game board for Fortnite Monopoly! It’s so so fun and such a unique spin on the classic game mashed up with last player standing Fortnite. In stores Oct 1st!!!.” reads Mustard’s tweet.

I own the Game of Thrones Monopoly board game, and it’s basically just a re-skin of the original Monopoly with property renamed after locations and so on. Fornite Monopoly, however, not only looks stunning, but the changes seem to be more than superficial.


You can choose from 27 Fortnite outfits for your player icon, and the goal of the game isn’t to purchase properties (even though you can own properties), and hope your opponents land on it to pay you and eventually bankrupt them, but to be the last player standing.

Money is replaced with health chips, and one dice is used to activate an action;  heal, build a wall or attack another player, while the other is used to move forward. One of the actions even releases a Boogie Bomb that takes one life away from each player.

One set of cards resemble loot crates that unlock epic items that unleash a powerful action. The second set of cards is called “Storm” and you guessed it, allows you to unleash the Storm when you pass GO. The Storm damages enemy properties and its owners. You collect property on a first-come-first-serve-basis.

Four spaces remain the same from the original Monopoly; “Go to Jail,” “Jail,” “Free Parking,” and “Go.”

The game ends for a player when they have zero health currency left.

News and images via IGN

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