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A WoW player has reached level 60 by only killing boars just like in South Park


Now, he can finally start playing the game. Well not exactly, as he still needs 50 levels to actually get to endgame, but it is the thought that counts, right? Just over a month ago, I reported about a player named “ianxplosion” who attempted to level all the way up to 60 in World of Warcraft just by killing boars, since update 7.3.5 actually made it possible.

He streamed it all live for us to watch while blasting Paul Stanley’s “Live to Win” in the background, just like in the iconic episode of South Park entitled “Make Love, Not Warcraft”. The four boys of South Park had to kill 65,340,285 boars, which would take them 7 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours and 20 minutes, so ianxplosion beat them in that regard.

He did it in just over one month, with 5 days and 21 hours of in-game time and had to kill 19,801 boars to do so. What is even better is that he didn’t do it for profit, or to defeat “the one which has no life”, since the stream was, of course, free on Twitch.tv and viewers could donate to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Watch the Twitch.tv clip of ianxplosion finally hitting level 60 below.

Please note that the video does contain strong language, so view discretion is advised.  

Clearly, not all heroes wear capes. I, for one, love that he made this great sacrifice and showed us all that through perseverance (and many hot pockets), you can do anything you set your mind to. There is just no limit to what you can achieve anymore.

What do you think about this great hero and his magnificent achievement? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit

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