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Path of Exile Is Finally Coming To The PlayStation 4

Path of Exile

If you are still feeling down about the whole Diablo: Immortal debacle, then you are not alone. As everyone and their cat knows by now, Blizzard’s next Diablo game is only planned for mobile gamers, not only leaving PC gamers behind but console gamers as well. Well, we’ve got some good news for you if you own a PS4 and you are starved for a great ARPG. Path of Exile is finally coming to PS4 this December.

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Path of Exile launched on PC and has since been ported over to the Xbox One. In December, PS4 owners will finally be able to enjoy the game that Diablo III should have been. You see, Path of Exile is a hardcore ARPG made by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers and simply put, the game is massive.

Best of all, Path of Exile is free-to-play. Unlike most other free-to-play titles, Path of Exile doesn’t require you to spend a single cent to fully enjoy. The game has seen an immense number of free content updates over the years. It has everything an ARPG fan would want, from a massive skill tree where you can customize your character to no end, a plethora of loot, hardcore mode, seasons, challenges and more. From my experience with the PC version, I also have to say that the game plays extremely well from South Africa, which is always a plus.

Developer Grinding Gear Games revealed this awesome news on Twitter, explaining that the game will come to PS4 sometime in December after the release of the next expansion.

For those of you who have never seen Path of Exile before, you’ve been missing out. Check out the PS4 trailer for the game below and tell us if you plan on playing it on your PS4.


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