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What PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox need in 2018 to succeed

2018 is here which means there is a whole new year ahead that can hold both excitement and disappointment. 2017 proved that no matter how great things look they can turn out to be a hot mess and the opposite can also be said for things I was concerned about. Battlefront 2 looked great but ended up a trainwreck and the Nintendo Switch had a lacklustre launch lineup but resulted in the best first year for a console in history. What would 2018 need to be the best year for gaming?


Keep the exclusives coming


The only thing keeping many gamers away from the Xbox One X right now is the PlayStation 4’s awesome library of games. 2017 was a great year with over a dozen PS4 exclusives and 2018 seems like it is going to be yet another killer. Spider-Man, God of War, Dreams and more are all coming our way they are going to be awesome. The only way Sony will succeed this year will be to keep the momentum and give us at least one exclusive every two months. That should not be hard as in 2017 they did just that.

Better VR Experiences

PlayStation VR is the most affordable and adaptable VR set on the market but we are yet to experience any real hardcore game on it that makes you want to go back daily to play. Sure VR is limited due to health reasons but surely there has to be at least one game coming that will raise the bar for VR experiences on the platform. My hope is in Impatient as it could maybe be something close to a system seller for VR. I have just had enough of track horrors, boring worlds, and not to mention all the tech demos that are just put together to show off how VR feels.


Revamped system UI


The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest video game devices on the market and its library of games is outstanding when you look at the 2017 releases. It truly came out of nowhere and had some of the best games of the year released on the device. However, the system itself needs work. No web browser, no YouTube app, or anything to extend its use beyond just playing a game. The Switch would be the perfect place to watch Netflix while at the airport on the Wifi, or just search the net for a guide to find the Koroko Seeds in Breath of the Wild and then jump right back into the game. Nintendo has the game perfected, now we just need to make the Switch not only a gaming device but also an entertainment platform.

Keep up the momentum

The Nintendo Switch had the best release year in the history of gaming but what about year two? 2018 is the true test for the company now as they need to keep things going and make sure that all the games we played and loved last year are followed up by even better ones this year. I would be happy with the same quality though as we know that everything, besides Super Street Fighter II, was a masterpiece last year. 2018 is going to be a tough mountain to climb but I am sure they will get to the top and the trip up is going to be fantastic.


More Exclusives


With very little exclusives on the market and not much in the pipeline for the months ahead, the Xbox One X has been left as a console with a great backwards compatible library of games and nothing else. 2018 needs to be the year where Microsoft finally showcase the games that you can only play on the console and games that make use of the power of the Xbox One X. This feat will not be an easy one as they would have to play their cards carefully seen as the PC already has more power than the console and all Xbox exclusive games also come out on PC too.

Forget about the gimmicks

With the Xbox One X on the market now and Microsoft gaining momentum, bar the lack of exclusives, it is time now that they focus on what they should have in the first place and that is the games. Leave Kinect behind, forget about Oculus support for the Xbox One X, and just make games we all want to play. Microsoft has been all over the place in recent years and now that they have a fantastic console that beats the competition they need to keep it that way. We all know it is just a matter of time before some AR technology gets thrown at us from them but if I were them I would leave that alone and finish up Crackdown 3.

Who do you think will surprise us in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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