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Our most anticipated games for 2018

Earlier this week, we listed every game confirmed to release in 2018, and it’s an impressive list. So far, the total number of confirmed games for this year comes to a total of 60, but I am sure there will be more added, as well as some delays. Still, have have a list of our most anticipated games of 2018.

We’ve compiled a list of each of our main writer’s (Coco, Mr. Minnie, Han) top three most anticipated games to release this year. As the above image suggests, this is all about hype, so do join us and jump on the train. As always, it’s fun to get excited about an upcoming game, but we do advise that you wait for reviews before you purchase it. I will, however, purchase some of these games as I want to support the developers.

Most anticipated games of 2018 – No 1 spot

Han: My most anticipated game for 2018 goes to Jengo from South African studio, Robot Wizard. It’s their first title, so I know that it’s a big gamble to make it my number one choice. I am drawn to this game because of its old-school vibe, absolutely gorgeous art, and score by local legends The Black Cat Bones.

When Jengo was first announced I made the prediction that the game is going to be a satirical ‘self-portrait’ of the games industry – and from what we’ve been able to glean from the devs, it sounds spot on.

I think Jengo is going to be a game that will draw strong reactions from people, you will hate it or love it, and it will probably offend us all at some point, but that’s exactly why I am so curious to play it. It’s not my number one because I think it will be a better game than the remaining two choices, but because I believe it will offer something unusual. And I am a sucker for unusual.

Wessel: Monster Hunter: World. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game, since the franchise has mostly been spread across handheld devices. When I first played the Monster Hunter: World beta last year (Coco did the article on that), I was instantly hooked, as the game for me feels like a mixture between two of my favourite franchises, Dark Souls and The Witcher. Coupled with a living, breathing world and a focus on partying up with friends, Monster Hunter: World, developed by Capcom, is my number one most anticipated game of 2018. If you own a PS4, you should check out the game’s upcoming third beta and find out why I am so hyped for it’s release on 26 January. It is defintiely my most anticipated games

Coco: Kingdom Hearts III – It has been over ten years since the last main entry in the Kingdom Hearts series released on PS2. It missed a whole generation of gaming as PS3 never had its own Kingdom Hearts game. Well, 2018 is the year that I will finally get to wrap up Sora’s story that has been fifteen years in the making. Kingdom Hearts holds a very special place in my heart as it was the series that kept me busy as a child struggling with the hardships such as family issues as well as coming to terms with my own personal battles. Its quirky story and message of the struggle between light and darkness played perfectly with my dark thoughts as I grew up a closeted teenager. Kingdom Hearts III already looks like it is going to be the best in the series with a new Pixar world, Big Hero 6 and much more. I just get goosebumps listening to the soundtrack. Imagine when the game is finally in my hands.

Most anticipated games of 2018 – No 2 spot

Han: It has to be Far Cry 5 with all its blend of religion, violence, and politics. It’s a concoction that screams controversy if I’ve ever seen one, and I can’t wait to play it. I’m also a fan of the series and for the most part, I found the games to be extremely fun to play, with quirky antagonists, and gorgeous worlds to explore. Add great gameplay, combat, and driving, and you have hours of entertaining. Also, Hope County’s “the Father” promises to be one of the most interesting Far Cry characters of the franchise.

Wessel: Vampyr – It feels like forever since I played a great vampire game and judging by developer’s Dontnod Entertainment work on Life is Strange, Vampyr promises to be one exceptional game with a very interesting concept. The game plays off in London in 1918 and sees players take up the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, with every action you take, including the choice of who to feed on, changing the game with high-stake choices. Now that’s something I can get behind.

Coco: Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – I am a sucker for a good JRPG and when Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch released in 2010 I will never forget how I spent my hot summer January sitting in front of a fan playing the game non-stop. It merged two fantastic genres into one by taking a masterful Studio Ghibli film and making it into a game. While the sequel has been delayed twice already, I know it is going to be nothing else but perfection when it finally releases in March. There is simply nothing that has come close to its fantastic RPG elements set in a world that lives and breathes as it oozes its charm through its cel-shaded visuals.

Most anticipated games of 2018 – No 3 spot

Han: My third choice is a very risky one (A Way Out), as EA is the publisher behind it, but I am banking on the director, Josef Fares, who is the man behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. What I find interesting about A Way Out is the co-op experience. There is no single-player option in the game, and you can only play it online with someone, or through a local connection. I also enjoy puzzels a lot, and what better challenge to plan and execute a prison escape? Fares stated in an interview that he wanted to make a very unique game with A Way Out, and I am curious to see if he delivered something different in an industry where we have seen it all.

Wessel: Code Vein – When Bandai Namco teased and then revealed Code Vein in April, I was instantly hooked and climbed on the hype train with the utmost haste. My thirst for a Souls-like game should be completely satisfied when Code Vein releases sometime this year. The gameplay looks fantastic so far and the graphical style is something special. The game is described as a “dramatic exploration action RPG” and will be a challenging affair, something that Souls players have been looking for ever since Dark Souls 3. Game director Hiroshi Yoshimura explained last year that Code Vein aims to pair the challenging thrill of Souls-like combat gameplay with elements of God Eater. Yep, I am completely sold already.

Coco: Spider-Man: As a huge fan of the Arkham series, I have been craving a superhero game for some time now. After seeing Spider-Man in action at E3 last year there is no doubt that this is going to be the game that fills the void that was created at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s an open-world adventure game where you take control of none other than our favourite neighbourhood spider. Best thing of all is that Insomniac Games are working on the title and we know they are masters at game design with the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series being two of the best in the industry. I am just excited to swing through New York and fight villains in a tight spider suit

Now it’s your turn, tell us your top three most anticipated games of 2018 for the year.

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