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NVIDIA GeForce Titan RTX has been leaked

NVIDIA GeForce Titan RTX

If you thought you could not afford the RTX card already on the market, NVIDIA is about to announce yet another unaffordable card that will set you back well over R50,000. The new NVIDIA GeForce Titan RTX has been leaked on Linus Tech Tips’ channel which is obviously a planned publicity stunt as he “accidently” showed off the packaging during a live stream. 

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NVIDIA GeForce Titan RTX

Another shot of the Titan RTX was then seen in a picture published online by Gavin Free, one of the creators behind the Slow Mo Guys. Unlike Linus’ “accidental” leak, this picture actually shows off the device plugged into a PC. NVIDIA often sends out Titan cards to content creators to test out and use while they create content and the Titan RTX would most likely be the same situation here.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan RTX

With that NVIDIA Titan RTX news out of the bag now, we will not be surprised if a full reveal is made next week to announce and fully detail this monster of a card. Yes, it will be expensive and yes, it will be powerful so if you were thinking about getting one then maybe start saving. The card will no doubt make use of NVIDIA’s Turing GPU which includes the RT Core, new architecture and much more. If NVIDIA does make an announcement next week then we will let you know. 

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