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Next Spider-Man DLC Release Date & Villain Revealed

Marvel's Spider-Man Patch

We loved Marvel’s Spider-Man as it arguably the best superhero game ever created. Insomniac didn’t slow down after the game’s release either, pushing out updates and then last month, the first DLC entitled The Heist. Although I loved getting back into the swing of things in The Heist, it felt too short. However, that is probably because it is part of a three-part DLC plan called The City That Never Sleeps. For those who can’t wait for their next Spidey experience, the next Spider-Man DLC has a release date and a bit more info.

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The next Spider-Man DLC releases on 20 November 2018, so mark those calendars if you own the Digital Deluxe Edition of you have purchased The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack separately. The DLC will be called “Turf Wars” and the villain will be the infamous Hammerhead. He first appeared in the comics in October 1972 with Issue 133 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Basically, he is a gangster with big plans for New York and from the sound of things, Spidey will have to take back neighbourhoods. This villain had his skull replace after an injury and now sports an unbendable steel alloy skull that looks kind of like a hammer.

As first reported on Reddit, If you launch Marvel’s Spider-Man on your PS4 right now, you will see the following:

Turf Wars

Apart from the DLC coming out soon, there’s also a new update now live for the game. Marvel’s Spider-Man update 1.10 should make the game even smoother and probably bug-free at this point. The update does include various bug fixes and frame-rate drop fixes, and it also adds some new stickers. Further, it adds even more frames and stickers to photo mode, but probably nothing as awesome as when Insomniac poked fun at PuddleGate. There’s also an option now for players to hide the minimap and UI, and last, but not least, it adds support for the upcoming Turf Wars DLC. The update weighs in at 4

Are you excited for the next Spider-Man DLC? Let us know in the comment section below.


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