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The CS: GO Halloween Update Has Arrived

CS: GO Halloween update

Late last night, Valve dropped a big new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update that celebrates everything spooky. The CS: GO Halloween update has more than just “festive chickens” which is great to see. If you liked the way the old Cobblestone map was designed, then the CS: GO Halloween update might be a bit scary, but trust us, it looks awesome. Yes, that’s the new Cobblestone in the image above.

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Let’s kick things off with ghosts. Player ghosts are back and in Casual, Flying Scoutsman and Demolition modes, players who die will haunt the map as ghosts until the end of the round. There are even two pumpkin soccer balls that spawn in random places on the map for the ghostly friends. Ghosts can do the following:

  • Only be seen by other ghosts and observers.
  • Apply Graffiti in the world.
  • Affect interact-able props (soccer balls, glass, potted plants, etc).
  • Turn chickens into zombie chickens.
  • Possess Bots by using them.

In the CS: GO Halloween update, Valve also decided to smarten up those fowl beasts. Yes, chickens have received some improvements such as the ability to avoid walking straight into walls, spawning on every map, and they are even getting into the Halloween spirit.

Early in this article, I mentioned Cobblestone. The update brings some massive changes to the map and it isn’t just in terms of looks, but it feels like a complete redesign. Check out the Cobblestone “spooky scary layout changes” below, followed by some images of the map.

  • Removed connector between Long A and Underpass
  • Blocked long view angle from Long A CT side towards courtyard
  • Decreased height of doors in Underpass
  • Added window in Underpass
  • Removed slanted door leading into Underpass
  • Removed a large section of old Bombsite A courtyard
  • Moved up Bombsite A zone towards ramp
  • Removed access to most of T spawn area
  • Moved up T spawn positions
  • Added climbable props in dropdown
  • Added cover in corridor leading to Bombsite B platform
  • Added spooky Halloween theme

CSGO Cobble 1

CSGO Cobble 2

CSGO cobble 3

Let’s face it, the new Cobblestone looks awesome. However, the map layout changes do seem like a lot all at once. Still, Cobblestone wasn’t even close to being one of my favourites. It will be interesting to see if these layout changes stick. Apart from these changes, Valve also deployed various fixes with the update.

What do you think of the CS: GO Halloween update and all the changes to Cobblestone? Let us know in the comment section below.


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