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Steam Lunar New Year Sale – Top 50 Deals And More

Steam Lunar Year Sale

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is now live and your wallet is probably shivering in the corner somewhere since the trauma of January is still fresh in its leathery mind. Valve has opened the floodgates with the Steam Lunar New Year Sale as it is bigger and better than ever before. Not only are their thousands of deals to take advantage of, but there’s also a token system where you could get some nice rewards.

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Before we get to our top 50 picks from the Steam Lunar New Year Sale, let’s talk about the tokens a bit. When you log onto Steam right now, you will receive a virtual envelope filled with tokens depending on how much you spent on Steam recently. I received 4000 and didn’t spend anything recently. For 15,000 tokens, you get an R35 discount voucher for your next purchase above R200. Every R1 spent, you get 18 tokens. There are many rewards you can get, such as chat emoticons to turning your profile golden and more.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale and the tokens expire on 11 February, so you have nearly a week to take advantage of all these fantastic offers. Just how big is the sale? Well, at the time of writing there are over 26,000 specials listed on Steam. That’s way too much for anyone to go through, so I’ve decided to list my top 50 to get you started on the right track.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale top 50 deals

Which games do you plan on picking up from the Steam Lunar New Year Sale and what do you think about the new token system? Let us know in the comment section below.


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