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Your South African Game Price List for October’s Top Releases

South African Price List

October sees over 40 video game releases across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The question isn’t if you’ll play a new game release this month, but which games to purchase and which to skip.

For many, the deciding factor is how much money they have to spend on gaming; so to help you make that decision we’ve listed all the top release per platform. Please note that all prices are reflected as at the time of writing, and digital is always included first. We only list the Standard Editions, and we do not list every price from local retailers, only the top three best buys. When buying from a retailer, please keep in mind that some of the games only contain a code in the box.

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South African Price List: PlayStation 4 Games

South African Price List: Xbox One Games

South African Price List: PC Games

South African Price List: Nintendo Switch Games

Han Cilliers

Han Cilliers

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