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Origin Bug Allows Hackers to Instal and Run Any App On Windows Machines

Origin Bug

Another day, another stumbling block for EA, which has had a very rocky past few months. Now, a pretty serious Origin bug is adding to the company’s foes. An Origin bug has been found that exposes Windows users to possibly being hacked and have malware installed onto their machines.

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If you’re running EA’s game client then you’ve probably already been prompted to install a critical update to address the Origin bug. The security flaw was spotted by security firm, Underdog Security.

The Origin bug comes from the company’s use of a custom URL protocol, allowing users to gain access to a game’s website through a web browser, rather than accessing it through Origin. The Origin bug allowed hackers to use these custom URL protocols to launch malicious software, being able to instal almost any form of software onto an end user’s Windows machine.

According to the security company which discovered the Origin bug, malware can be installed onto a Windows computer by simply clicking on a hyperlink. Underdog Security demonstrated how the Origin bug was able to fool the URL protocol into opening the Windows Calculator app instead of a sales offer hyperlink that appeared in Origin.

Users who run the Origin client on their machines, especially Windows users, are encouraged to instal the latest patch for Origin which addresses this serious security flaw. Although the Origin bug seems to have only affected Windows users, Mac users are still encouraged to keep the software up to date to avoid other, possible flaws and to ensure the client runs optimally.

No users reported anything happening to them regarding the security flaw that’s been lurking in Origin, but it could still happen unfortunately as some users might not update to the new patch.

Have you updated Origin?


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