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How You Can Support Charity With The Nexus Creator’s Ball This Weekend

Nexus Creator's Ball

The Nexus in Johannesburg will be hosting the first Nexus Creator’s Ball this weekend from 27 to 28 October 2018. It is a first for SA and aims to bring together local digital content creators for a good cause. Streamers, vloggers, YouTubers and influencers will be getting together at the Nexus Hub this weekend for A 24-hour non-stop gaming and streaming activity all in support for a charity known as Animal Allies.

The event starts at 11 AM on Saturday, 27 October and runs until 11 AM the next day. The event will be live streamed online through the Nexus’ YouTube channel where you will be able to tune in anytime during the 24-hour campaign and watch someone doing something cool. Some of these activities include gaming, donations, specials events and arranged sessions with these awesome content creators. Every two hours there will be a new content creator taking the spotlight so the idea here is that there is always something cool and different to watch.

During the event, you will be able to donate towards the charity in question, Animal Allies through PayPal, Snapscan or just a direct EFT deposit. All proceeds will go towards this animal charity that helps sterilize and look after animals in townships across Joburg. Show your support and try to contribute towards the R10,000 goal.

Think of the event as a cool opportunity to meet new local content creators and hang out with local gamers. You can either come by the Nexus anytime during the Creator’s Ball or tune in online through the stream.

Content creators taking part during the event include Samplayze, ShushiBushie, Trinoc, Julia Bish Robson, and Boris Bulj.

Find out more about Animal Allies here and make sure you subscribe to the Nexus YouTube channel so you can tune into the live stream this weekend.

Learn more about Animal Allies