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New Steam competitor Robot Cache let’s you sell used PC digital games

Robot Cache might just be the next big thing in PC gaming. It is a digital sales platform that will compete with Steam by benefiting gamers, developers, and publishers by using blockchain technology. Robot Cache was founded by industry veterans who understand the dynamics between distributors and gamers. Team members come from the likes of Atari, Warner Bros., Activision Blizzard, and is lead by InExile Entertainment boss Brian Fargo.

“Just a handful of companies dominate the multi-billion-dollar digital download PC video games market. Robot Cache plans to revolutionize the industry by launching the first-ever workable decentralized video game marketplace that benefits both the creators of video games and gamers. All of this is accomplished by expertly leveraging the power, flexibility, safety, and transparency of blockchain technology,” said Lee Jacobson, CEO, Robot Cache.

What Robot Cache offers PC gamers

To make full use of what Robot Cache offers, you’ll have to purchase and sell all your games on the platform and make use of its cryptocurrency, called IRON.

  • Resell used digital games purchased on the Robot Cache platform using the blockchain
  • Purchase the ” latest and greatest video games”
  • Retain 25% of the proceeds from the resale
  • Earn digital tokens (IRON) by selling games which you use to purchase new games
  • IRON can also be mined (read more on the Robot Cache website)
  • IRON can be earned by reaching milestones

“Earning any money on the video game resale market is unheard of for game publishers, and earning up to 70%, which is equivalent to the best margins publishers and developers currently receive on today’s most popular digital distributions platforms is crazy. Allowing creators to keep 95% of new game sales, and 70% on game resales, provides developers, like us at inXile, with a strong financial stream.  This gives us more resources to create new content and new IPs for fans,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment and Founder of Robot Cache.

What Robot Cache offers developers & publishers

The platform offers a massive incentive for developers and publishers by reducing the cost of distribution, which in turn should have a massive effect on the sales price of digital PC games.

  • Pay up to 80% less to distribute a game on Robot Cache
  • Offers the lowest transaction fees of any digital PC video game distribution platform
  • Retain up to 95% of the sales proceeds (25% higher than the current industry standard)
  • Set resale pricing and earn 70% of the resale proceeds
  • Control the parameters of resales
  • Receive payment in minutes
  • Maintain secure ownership rights
  • Access to a full suite of sales and marketing tools

It sounds almost too good to be true! We’ll make use of the platform as soon as it goes live later this year and give you in-depth feedback. One of Steam’s biggest drawbacks is the massive games library of its users, and by offering a service where users can sell those used or unwanted games, Robot Cache clearly has a massive advantage.

The platform’s token generation (based on the ERC-20 standard) event will go live in the second quarter of 2018. We would love to hear what PC gamers think about Robot Cache – Will it revolutionize the digital distribution market?

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