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Ubisoft Teases New Post-apocalyptic Far Cry Game

New Far Cry Game

Last night, Ubisoft surprised us all by teasing what looks to be a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry game. If you’ve not yet finished Far Cry 5, then be warned; big spoiler incoming.

Ubisoft posted a clip on Twitter as well as a short teaser on the official YouTube channel, and not only does it show the ending of Far Cry 5, but also what we can expect from a sequel. As far as teasers go, this one is quite revealing.

The teaser starts with a nuclear explosion that destroys what looks like Far Cry 5’s Hope County, Montana. Years seem to pass during which extreme weather conditions purge earth until it is finally ‘reborn’ and a new era begins. But all is not well in paradise as the narrator picks up an old circular saw blade and uses it as part of what looks to be a makeshift crossbow.

The years of rain, the howling winds gave way to blue skies and a new world in bloom. We felt hope. We were wrong.

The video ends with Ubisoft promising a world reveal at today’s The Game Awards. I doubt that we’re looking at a Far Cry 5 expansion, so my guess is that the next Far Cry game could be a spin-off like Far Cry Primal and Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Ubisoft traditionally doesn’t release a Far Cry game every year; there’s always at least two to three years between the main instalments.

Han Cilliers

Han Cilliers

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