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Konami breaks silence over Metal Gear Survive confusion and loot boxes

Metal Gear Survive is pretty cool and although everyone is hating on me for enjoying the beta I do think it has a place in my library as I love co-op survival games. That is to say, I am not all that impressed with how Konami has been tackling the issues surrounding the game’s marketing. Gamers are confused on just what in the world the game is and where does it stand in the Metal Gear universe. If your game has no understanding then who is to blame? There has clearly been a lot of Metal Gear Survive confusion over loot boxes.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, producer of MGS, Yiju Korekado, apologized to the fans regarding the poor communication surrounding the Metal Gear Survive spin-off nature saying that “fans and gamers, in general, seemed to take Metal Gear Survive to be a continuation of the Metal Gear series, so I regret that we caused confusion.” Honestly, I knew from the first announcement that it was a spin-off so I am not completely sure who he is talking about.

As for the rumoured microtransactions that hinted at pay-to-win loot boxes, that is not the case at all. Well, according to the producer anyway. Yuji stated that “there will not be loot boxes, and there will not be pay-to-win types of Microtransactions. There will be things like accessories in Metal Gear Online, and Forward Operating Base in MGSV: The Phantom Pain”. 

Lastly, Yuji touched on the aspect of the single-player experience in MGS after the news broke that the game would require a constant online connection to play. While this is still the case, gamers who don’t want to play with online people can experience the game in single-player too.

“In the early part of the game, you have a small range that’s centred around the base camp, but as you make your way through the game the area you can explore gradually gets bigger and bigger. And as the area you can explore gets bigger, missions that advance the story appear, as do sub-quests.”

Like I mentioned before, the beta was really enjoyable and although it has no Snake and Kojima involved, I am looking forward to it. Check out some gameplay from the beta below and let us know what you think about all this in the comment section.

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