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Microsoft’s Failed HoloLens 2 Stage Demo is the Most Awkward Thing You Will Watch Today

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Microsoft opened its annual Build conference in Seattle this morning (US time) with a HoloLens 2 demo and things did not go too well. The tech giant has been banking on HoloLens being a success for some time now and every year we see a few new examples of how they are making advances with the tech.

The demo which was meant to be shown off during the Build keynote did not go as well as planned and left people cringing in confusion. Andrew Chaiken, author of A Man on the Moon, was meant to show off a demo of the Apollo moon landing shown in HoloLens and powered by the Unreal Engine.

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However, while the rehearsal went perfectly fine (watch it below), when it came time for the presentation, things broke so badly that Microsoft completely dropped the entire thing and moved on without any word on what happened.

Andrew Chaiken even joked about the live demo being harder than doing the actual moon landing before the two walked off stage and left the audience in an awkward wait. Check out the failed moment below (Fast forward to 52:00 in case it does not autoplay).

The whole presentation was meant to showcase the HoloLens 2’s pixel streaming feature which streams high-quality 3D models and images to HoloLens 2 headsets as nearby PCs with powerful GPUs render the assets. Pixel streaming is clearly still a new feature that needs a little more work. Microsoft is still determined to push its HoloLens 2 device more than ever and the more we see of it, the more we wonder where the headset belongs in the industry.