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Google Gaming Is Going To Be The Future According To A New Teaser

Google Gaming

Google gaming is going to be huge, according to the company’s latest teaser for the upcoming Game Developers Conference event. The company has unveiled that it has a vision for the future in terms of Google gaming offerings, teasing its keynote which it announced last month with a pretty intriguing video that carries a strong gaming theme.

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The 37-seconds teaser obviously doesn’t reveal much about what to expect from the company’s upcoming Game Developer Conference keynote, which is taking place on 19 March 2019. The teaser shows various gaming environments that might hint at some of the Google gaming offerings we can be expecting from the tech giant. The environments are portrayed by a series of halls/tunnels/spaceports/stadiums, all climatically leading to a bright light. These gaming themes/genres could be confirming rumours of a Google gaming streaming service.

The company is also expected to unveil some form of Google gaming hardware. As Google’s been granted a patent for a gaming controller, rumour has it that the company will either only be revealing this new controller or perhaps an entire console as well. Google has reserved a placeholder on the Google Store for whatever hardware offering it reveals during its event.

The teaser video does have a sense of excitement, with the theme of Google’s vision of the future of gaming featuring strong throughout and encourages people to “gather around” to see what Google has to offer.

The Game Developers Conference event is shaping up to be its most anticipated one in years. The company usually uses the Conference to give insights into some updates at the company and usually has a strong focus on Android games. But this year’s event promises to show us “Google’s vision for the future of gaming” and we’re excited to see what that brings.

What do you think Google’s going to be unveiling at the Game Developers Conference?


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