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Gaming Addiction: 13 UK Kids Have Been Removed From Their Homes

Gaming Addiction

A new investigation regarding gaming addiction in the United Kingdom has found that 13 children have been removed from their families due to problems with video games and technology.

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An investigation looking into the effects of gaming addiction in the UK has found that numerous children have recently been removed from their homes and families, due to unhealthy technology and gaming usage. One of the 13 children that have been removed from their family’s care, was as young as 11 years old.

Data released under Freedom of ­Information revealed youngsters from Yorkshire, Merseyside, London, ­Gloucestershire and the Isle of Wight were removed.

They are thought to be the first cases of their kind. Some went into care because their parents were addicted to games and ended up neglecting them.

The investigation has shown that some children have become addicted to video games and technology because parents are not limiting their access. The investigation claims that some of the issues surrounding gaming addiction in children are that they start to lag behind in school, they don’t maintain or build social relationships and they become physically unwell, due to inactivity. Other issues, according to the investigation, is that some children are allowed to play games that are not appropriate for their ages.

The investigation notes that there are signs for parents to look out for, for a possible problem in their own children’s behaviour when it comes to gaming and the use of technology.

Signs of addiction include a gradual loss of interest in all other activities and hobbies. Many kids go through personality changes.

Outgoing teens no longer want to spend time with friends and family, instead prioritizing online interactions.

Gaming addiction has recently been added by the World Health Organisation as a disorder. There are also addiction clinics, even in South Africa, that have started offering treatment for addiction to video games and technology.

Do you think gaming addiction should be considered a serious disorder?


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