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Fortnitemares Battle Royale Comes To An End on Sunday With a Special One-Time Event

Fortnitemares Battle Royale

Fortnite’s Halloween-themed limited-time event, Fortnitemares comes to an end this Sunday for battle royale players, and it looks like Epic Games has something special in mind. It also means you have only a few days left to finish the Fortnitemares battle royale challenges.

Completing the Fortnitemares battle royale challenges unlock special cosmetics as rewards. A new set of challenges unlocked every few days, and if you completed it all, you are rewarded with the Dark Engine glider. Here is the final set of challenges that you have to complete by Sunday.

  • Destroy Elite Cube Monsters (10)
  • Damage Cube Fragments (2,500)
  • Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match (1,000)
  • Visit different Corrupted Areas in a single match (4)
  • Destroy Cube Fragments (3)
  • Complete Fortnitemares challenges (14)

Remember back in June when that rocket launched and cracked the sky? Then suddenly whole pieces of the map started to disappear into another dimension? We might again see such epic happenings this coming Sunday.

My guess is that the event will centre around the cube. It unleashed in Fortnite when the missile opened the rift, then it tore up a piece of the map to form a floating island. It then went roaming around the map. When Fortnitemares launched the cube was responsible for creating teleports that allowed “cube monsters” to beam into the world.

I’m hoping for an epic conclusion to the cube saga this Sunday. What do you think the in-game event will be? In other Fortnite news, Twitch celebrity, Ninja, will host a 12-hour Fortnite New Year’s Eve Broadcast in Times Square.