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The Fortnite Volcano Looks Like it Might Blow

Fortnite Vault

When season 8 was introduced in the popular battle royale game from Epic Games, a new Fortnite volcano appeared on the map. With ancient alien ruins appearing all over the map in the past few weeks, the fifth ruin to appear caused the Fortnite volcano to start spewing some lava, gearing up for what looks like an epic eruption.

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The alien ruins could be pushed by players collectively. Before the fifth ruin was introduced into the game, the Fortnite volcano started to emit dark clouds of smoke. Once the ruin was released into the battle royale game, the smoke intensified and started to glow like lava or flames. Now the volcano in Fortnite keeps shaking the map and periodically spits out lava, which has started to flood certain areas on the map.

Currently, the alien ruins feature lets players drop material and ammo into the Fortnite volcano as a sacrificial ritual which is tracked by a meter. Our guess is, once the meter is full, an epic volcano eruption is probably going to happen. This volcanic eruption is likely to change the map in some way and might be tied into an in-game event, like the upcoming season 9. Season 9 of Fortnite is set to start on 9 May 2019, so it’s likely that an epic eruption is heading to the game.

Fortnite always keeps it fresh, with exciting in-game events and ever-changing map and updates. The game constantly brings out new patches containing new fun features like a hamster ball vehicle and limited time events, like its Endgame event.

What the volcano meter means for the game, remains to be seen. But, based on past events and seasons, it’s bound to be epic.

What do you think will happen once the volcano erupts in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below.


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