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50 Million Facebook Accounts Compromised in Recent Data Breach Attack


If you tried to log into Facebook today and you were prompted with a password reset request then your account was one of 50 million in the world that was compromised in the past few days by a recent data breach attack. The breach was discovered by Facebook Engineers on 25 September but it took the company a few days to gather their resources and put together a full report regarding the attack.

According to Facebook, users who were compromised have been logged out of their account and will be required to log back in for safety precautions.

“I’m glad we found this and fixed the vulnerability but it definitely is an issue that this happened int he first place. I think this underscores the attacks that our community and services face” says Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The security breach is now said to be the largest in Facebook history and is also bad due to the fact that hackers were able to steal “access tokens: from users. These tokens act as a security key that allows them to stay logged into Facebook for an indefinite amount of time across multiple devices without needing to type their passwords in every time. If a hacker gains access to these tokens they could essentially log into Facebook through third-party applications.

This attack also does not help Facebook right now as they have come under fire in recent months over data privacy. Everyone is being very cautious right now about the platform. Regardless, Facebook is confident that the latest data breach has been sealed and your data and safety is their number one priority. If you have been asked to log back into your account then best just do so, and maybe change that password just in case while you are at it too, for safety reasons. For more information about this attack read the official statement.