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CS: GO – Valve Makes Changes to Cobblestone & Adds Two Maps to Competitive

changes to Cobblestone

With the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) Halloween event now complete, Valve has decided to clean things up a bit getting rid of the spookiness. With the latest CS: GO update comes some changes to Cobblestone, removed the Halloween decorations and added two maps to Competitive matchmaking.

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A few weeks ago, Valve released the Biome and Subzero maps into Casual Matchmaking. Now, the developer has decided to add them to Competitive Matchmaking. I personally dislike Biome a bit and in the latest CS: GO update, there are no changes to either Biome or Subzero as they enter Competitive Matchmaking. However, there are a bunch of changes to Cobblestone and if you throw all these small changes together, they become quite significant.

Check out the changes to Cobblestone below:

  • Removed Halloween decorations
  • Removed cover in corridor leading to B plat
  • Added lore to A site bombtarget
  • Opened up windows from B halls towards site
  • Re-enabled boost on B site
  • Lowered cover in headshot position in Long A
  • Reduced amount of coffins
  • Increased amount of wood barrels
  • De-spookified cbble loading screen
  • Exorcised and dusted the cbble radar

It seems like Valve is experimenting quite a bit with changes to Cobblestone and using the Halloween event to do it is a nice touch. The latest CS: GO update also includes some Scoreboard additions, which you can check out below.

  • Added clinch marker to the timeline. The timeline will now show the earliest round at which the match can end, and which team can win the match on it.
  • Scoreboard player stats now support any number of rounds. Player stats will no longer reset every overtime.
  • Added more stats to Demolition and Flying Scoutsman.

All things considered, it is a decent update for CS: GO and it will be interesting to see how players respond to Biome and Subzero in Competitive Matchmaking.

What do you think about the latest CS: GO update and the changes it brings to Cobblestone? Let us know in the comment section below.


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